Blacklock - Penetration Testing as a Service

A service that offers Consultant Grade testing with an On Demand experience. Instantly get started with your penetration testing with click and go feature. Simply subscribe and pay, provide target details, sign a digital authorization letter, start and track your tests, view or download security test report, manage vulnerabilities from a single pane or request a feature scan or a retest.


  • Simple and clean interface to start your penetration test instantly
  • Docusign integration to authorize the penetration test
  • Start and track your test progress
  • Expert manual validation and testing that guarantee zero false positives
  • Download and manage your penetration test results (separate management & developer report)
  • Vulnerability management & vulnerability tracking
  • Request a new scan, feature scan or a retest
  • Add your own users with role-based access


  • One platform to manage all your penetration test needs
  • Reduced cost - Upto 30% cheaper than traditional penetration testing
  • Continuous testing
  • Faster turnarounds - Receive your results within days instead of weeks
  • Greater controls on your penetration tests
  • Single platform delivery with management dashboard

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