Open Source
Intelligence Assessment

Security Simplified OSINT assessment starts with just the domain name. We use a variety of tools to gather information about your organisation, subdomains, pastebin URLs, username/email harvesting, information disclosure on the dark web, including Advanced Google Hacking techniques.

Security Simplified consultants do a deep-dive into your organization perimeter to identify insecure weblinks, insecure configurations, sensitive information disclosure, dark web search and subdomain enumeration. The primary purpose is to gather as much information as possible using reconnaissance techniques and use the information to compromise your data or organization.


Our Methodology

Research Tools & Techniques

Gather API Keys for Open Source Services

Search Dark Web & Dead Links

Social Network Data Exploration

OSINT Approach & Techniques

Credential Search Based on Username

Data Processing & Aggregation

Executive Summary

Report Based on Industry Standards

Sample List of Checks

  • Subdomain Enumeration
  • Host Enumeration
  • Domain Flyovers
  • Social Media Search
  • Phishing Site Lookup


The reporting phase of the open source intelligence assessment consists of aggregating all discovered and exploited vulnerabilities in a technical report that thoroughly describes risk, root cause, description of vulnerability, executive summary, remediation steps, and the links to vendor information on the vulnerability.

  • Executive summary for the management
  • Vulnerability dashboard for the project team
  • OSINT Technical report for the infrastructure and development team
  • Vulnerability description, root cause, impact and remediation steps
  • Reporting and risk rating matrix based on OWASP standards

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