Penetration Testing

​​Security Simplified specializes in industry-standard penetration testing of all types and forms of cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud). Our penetration testing technique includes cloud native components, applications, functions, serverless applications, microservices, and APIs, and covers the entire attack surface.

Traditional security measures are no longer viable in a cloud environment and adopting a cloud architecture also offers a new set of dangers. As a result, performing extensive penetration testing on cloud infrastructures and configuration is important.

Our Cloud Security Services catalog includes:

  • Cloud Configuration Review and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cloud Application Penetration testing (FaaS and BaaS)
  • Cloud Container and Orchestration Assessment
  • Infrastructure As Code (IAC) Security
  • Cloud Penetration Testing (App/Infra)
  • Serverless/Microservices/API Security

Our Methodology

List of Components, Applications and Functions in Scope of Intrusion Tests

List of Identified Potential Vulnerabilities

Detailed Test Plan for Intrusion

Validation of Vulnerabilities Detected

Manual Identification of Additional Security Risks

Updated Detailed Test Plan for Scope

List of Verified Vulnerabilities

Classification and Detailed Reporting of Findings

List of Open Vulnerabilities

Trend Chart with Ageing Vulnerabilities

Pending Exceptions

Sample List of Checks

  • Insecure Interfaces and APIs
  • Insecure Function calls
  • Server Misconfiguration
  • Weak Access Management
  • Application layer vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection etc
  • Inappropriate Use or Abuse of Cloud Services


  • Real Time Notification
  • Weekly Status Notifications
  • Executive Summary, Detailed Technical Finding Report, Proof of Concept, Mitigations & Recommendations along with reference links

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